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Linkr Multipath Seed Film – Car Park

A guy wanders around an empty car park.
This is the first film in a Multipath Tree. However you will need to wait until the Multipath Storytelling platform is released to enjoy the whole story.


Quick Update

Hi everyone,

Just thought we’d touch base and let everyone know that Films on the Fly has been busy working on a few new exciting projects and proposals.

We are writing up a webisode proposal, are putting together some ideas for changing the way the education department thinks about collaborative, interactive video and have a couple of other possible projects that are too early to discuss at the moment.

In the mean time we’ve been doing work on the web platform and have been working on some back end code to help dynamically update the relationship links between videos. Hopefully with a few good days of programming we’ll be ready to do a soft launch of the new Link website.

Just for fun, I’ve posted a little teaser.

New Linkr Website design

For those who were unable to attend the Linkr Screening at the Mercury Cinema, here’s a simple, default example of a tree view.  Note that there’s a number of view configurations the film relationships can be viewed with. Also, we were experimenting with the data and I’ve just realised that we changed the link relationships, so this isn’t an accurate representation of the actual film tree.

Tree View Sneak Peak


Linkr Launch – 4th Sept 2010

Linkr Launch Poster

Linkr Launch Poster

  1. Do you want to witness the launch of a new wave of film-making?
  2. Tired of the same old storylines, and wanna make your own stories?
  3. Feel like doing some networking over free drinks?
On the 4th of September you can do all three!
At the Mercury cinema, Films on the Fly will be screening the Linkr multipath film content and launching an all new interactive, online, video sharing platform.
With the support of the MRC, and the financial backing of mega, we have created a number of short Multipath films.
Starting off with a drunk guy walking home you can watch him get saved by a friend or embroiled in a covert spy operation. You can watch a vampire get run over or in a completely different film tree you can see competing breakup agencies.

As a bonus we’ve put down a bar tab. So come for the free drinks, stay for the videos and don’t forget to share the experience with your friends.

RSVP by emailing linkr@filmsonthefly.com, calling Michael Kubler on 0433 483 008 or the Films on the Fly office on (08) 7324 0881 for more info.

The Films on the Fly team : Michael, Sunny, John and Shaun
Multipath : Interactive Storytelling in a whole new way”

Linkr Teaser

Check out this cool fan made teaser.
It’s a compilation of footage from the Feb 2010 workshop content

Watch on You Tube


Linkr Multipath workshop photos

The Linkr workshop was run by Films on the Fly in the first three weekends of February 2010.

With about 12 multipath films created the workshop was a great success, especially as it was the first large scale attempt of the Multipath Film making concept.
It should be mentioned that Kino Portable had previously attempted to run a similar workshop like event and it was actually at the 2009 Kino Kabaret that Michael Kubler and John Willanski were introduced to the concept by Fee Plumley (at the time called Non-Linear Narrative). However the Kino Portable attempt only created 2 or three films in total.

There are still some pickup shots to be organised and some editing and music post-production work being done before the Linkr workshop films can be put online, however as a teaser we have put up some photos from the event. If you prefer Facebook we have also uploaded the photos to our fan page.

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