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Multipath explanation video

The video below gives a basic explanation of what Multipath storytelling is all about.
It was created by John Willanski (a founder of Films onthe Fly) and has been on the Linkr website for a while.

For a better understanding of Multipath film making have a look at the handout from the presentation we ran in December 2009.


Linkr Multipath workshop photos

The Linkr workshop was run by Films on the Fly in the first three weekends of February 2010.

With about 12 multipath films created the workshop was a great success, especially as it was the first large scale attempt of the Multipath Film making concept.
It should be mentioned that Kino Portable had previously attempted to run a similar workshop like event and it was actually at the 2009 Kino Kabaret that Michael Kubler and John Willanski were introduced to the concept by Fee Plumley (at the time called Non-Linear Narrative). However the Kino Portable attempt only created 2 or three films in total.

There are still some pickup shots to be organised and some editing and music post-production work being done before the Linkr workshop films can be put online, however as a teaser we have put up some photos from the event. If you prefer Facebook we have also uploaded the photos to our fan page.

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Linkr – Multipath Film Making Workshop. Feb 2010

Reposted from the Linkr workshop page.


Do you have an interest in making ‘interactive’ films?
Have you ever wanted to revise or expand upon other peoples’ stories?
Would you like to learn how the internet can be used to create narratives?

Multipath film making is a new way of thinking about interacting with films which is similar to those old Choose your own Adventure books, except using online video and it allows people to contribute their own sections of the story.

Linkr Logo

Linkr Logo

Films on the Fly, in conjunction with the MRC, are hosting a film making workshop in February to explore this new form of interactive video.
The workshop will be run on the 6-7th, 13-14th, and 20-21st of Feburary 2010, with a film being made each week. After the completion of the workshop a screening of all the content will take place at the Mercury Cinema.

The workshop will also help expand the Linkr community. A group of South Australian based film makers interested in interactive storytelling.

What : Linkr – Film Making Workshop
Date : First 3 weekends of February 2010.
Venue : MRC – Iris Cinema
Host : Films on the Fly

More information

The film making workshops are open to everyone, especially actors, actresses, script writers, directors, editors, cinematographers, musicians, sound engineers, and anyone with an interest in film making.

As the groups are organised on a week by week basis you don’t need to be present for the entire 3 weeks. You are welcome to attend even if you can only make it for a day or two. If you are already a film maker then feel free to bring your own equipment, otherwise we suggest you become an MRC member to get free access to their equipment hire and the editing factilities.

Workshop schedule (repeated each week)


9 – 9:30am An initial briefing run by the Films on the Fly team will explain the Multipath storytelling concept plus some related film making techniques.
9:30 – 10am Example and previously created Multipath films will be shown at the Iris Cinema
10 – 11am Workshop participants will introduce themselves and start forming groups
11 – 5pm Participants will form groups, start working on ideas, and possibly start filming.


9 – 9:30am The morning production meetup will give groups a chance to regroup and also explain what they are working on.
9:30 – 5pm Groups can continue making films. Filming, editing, foley, and helping others

Depending on availability, the MRC editing and equipment resources will be available to MRC members throughout the week, allowing them to continue working on their film(s) beyond just the weekend.

The uploaded films will be available for viewing on Friday, allowing groups to start forumlating a script for their next film

Note : Films must be uploaded to the linkr.filmsonthefly.com website or submitted to the Films on the Fly staff by 6pm Thursday

The Films on the Fly team : Sunny, Michael, and John
“Do well with nothing, do better with little, but most of all, do it now” — Kino

More information : http://linkr.filmsonthefly.com/index.php/site/workshop


Linkr – Multipath interactive storytelling information session

Linkr Logo

Linkr Logo

Do you have an interest in making ‘interactive’ films?
Have you ever wanted to revise or expand upon other peoples’ stories?
Would you like to learn how the internet can be used to create narratives?

If so, then come along to the free Linkr information session at the Mercury Cinema, where you will be introduced to the concept of ‘Multipath film-making‘.

Multipath film-making is a new and exciting way of thinking about interactive production which encourages community-based, collaborative storytelling. Think Choose Your Own Adventure, but with video!

This information session will explain how Multipath film-making works, as well as look at the current state of online video exhibition plus recent trends in distribution, such as viral marketing.

The presentation will be beneficial to actors, directors, producers, scriptwriters – in fact, anyone interested in creating online content and/or making films in the 21st century.

To further encourage the Multipath interactive storytelling concept, a series of Linkr film-making workshops will be run at the MRC in early 2010, details of which will be posted to the mailing list.

For further information, and to register your interest in participating in the workshops, visit the linkr website or email linkr@filmsonthefly.com, or even the Facebook event.

What : Linkr – Multipath interactive storytelling information session
Date : Monday 14th December, 2009.
Time : 5:30-7pm
Venue : Mercury Cinema
Presenter : Films on the Fly
Cost : Free!
NB : For those that want to keep in contact with the Films on the Fly team, you can join our Twitter, Facebook, or Mailing List.
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Multipath : Interactive online, collaborative video