Linkr Multipath workshop photos


The Linkr workshop was run by Films on the Fly in the first three weekends of February 2010.

With about 12 multipath films created the workshop was a great success, especially as it was the first large scale attempt of the Multipath Film making concept.
It should be mentioned that Kino Portable had previously attempted to run a similar workshop like event and it was actually at the 2009 Kino Kabaret that Michael Kubler and John Willanski were introduced to the concept by Fee Plumley (at the time called Non-Linear Narrative). However the Kino Portable attempt only created 2 or three films in total.

There are still some pickup shots to be organised and some editing and music post-production work being done before the Linkr workshop films can be put online, however as a teaser we have put up some photos from the event. If you prefer Facebook we have also uploaded the photos to our fan page.

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