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Interactive Video examples

Here are some examples of Interactive video being done online. They cover a wide gamut from being a single video to many videos to choose from, to voting at the end of the episode for what should happen in the next episode, through to crowd sourced re-creation of a whole movie in tiny snippets.

Note that whilst these aren’t videos which Films on the Fly has created, some are examples of work that we would like to work on, or are similar to work we have already done.


Street Fighter

Play a game of street fighter, on YouTube! As with most of these style of interactive videos, they are built using YouTube annotations.


Deliver Me To HELL

This is very well produced Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story about trying to deliver pizza after a Zombie outbreak. There’s not many options, but it’s rather well made and given the first film has 3.8 Million views (with one of the last having 500k), it was likely more effective than a similar TV advert. Certainly more fun!



Welcome to Change

Welcome to Films on the Fly.

Films on the Fly, is an emerging Australian startup which wants to foster new paradigm shifts in Entertainment as well as Education and do so in an economically responsible manner.

We are doing this by championing the Multipath Interactive Storytelling concept and promoting Collaborative Communities whilst our For-Benefit principles mean we value success according to our positive impacts to humanity and the environment.

The video will help explain Multipath Storytelling, which is like those old choose-your-own-adventure storybooks, but as online video and expanded further.

We are currently concentrating on Entertainment by developing a web platform which will allow the creation of multiple collaborative communities each based around interactive storytelling.

We also do film work and are based in Adelaide, South Australia and have a presence in Sydney, New South Wales.

If you are doing innovative things then please give us a buzz.


Wanted : Web Designer. Reward : New Entertainment Paradigm

Films on the Fly's primary Logo


Films on the Fly, is a startup company which wants to foster new paradigm changes in Entertainment, Education and Economics.
To start off with we are  focusing on Entertainment with the Multipath Interactive Storytelling Concept.
Remember those old Choose-Your-Own-Adventure videos? Well imagine them as online video and expand the concept even further

Films on the Fly is creating a web platform based around interactive video but needs help.
We have a prototype of the platform, but to proceed much further in development we need an awesome Web Designer. One who is both skilled and creative. A designer who understands User Interface design, who enjoys CSS frameworks like YAML and someone who is interested in a challenge.

FotF's prototype - Infobox Nodemap [Multipath storytelling]

Screenshot of the current prototype, showing that there's a lot of room for improvement

The work will likely cover 1 or 2 days a week for a month, with more work likely if we do well and get further funding.





Hours are flexible, with occasional Skype meetings.
Knowledge of Photoshop, HTML and CSS required. An understanding of jQuery is good, but experience with eye tracking or data visualisation is worth double points.

Films on the Fly is still in early stage startup and has limited funds, however AU$500 have been personally allocated to the project.

Please note : This position has now been filled [30th June 2011]

More information is available at
Up to the challenge? Apply by emailing or calling Michael on +61 433 483 008


3 Month Sprint

Over the next 3 months Michael Kubler, the co-founder of Films on the Fly will be programming the main Multipath web platform. He will also be posting a lot of tech and geek stuff to the new Films on the Fly w00t! blog.

He’s gone to Sydney and is renting an office there so that he can focus. Minimal distractions, lots of PHP programming and testing.
Films on the Fly will also be posting a lot more content that’s relevant to the industry. Videos, articles and links regarding interactive, online video and collaborative communities.

We are also looking for beta testers. If you like watching videos online please email with your name and email address and over the coming weeks we’ll send you out a link to the test site.



Investment Attraction

Just a quick update.

Films on the Fly is currently taking part in the Innovate SA Investment attraction course, and will be attending the Pollenizer Web Startup Bootcamp in Adelaide on the 6th of April.

We are currently looking for up to $75K in investment to create an initial web platform which can be used for film based online communities. After that is completed, with an extra $250K we will then be able to access another target market.

In the mean time we are doing a number of general film and web projects to help boot strap ourselves as much as possible.

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