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Wanted : Web Designer. Reward : New Entertainment Paradigm


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Films on the Fly, is a startup company which wants to foster new paradigm changes in Entertainment, Education and Economics.
To start off with we are  focusing on Entertainment with the Multipath Interactive Storytelling Concept.
Remember those old Choose-Your-Own-Adventure videos? Well imagine them as online video and expand the concept even further

Films on the Fly is creating a web platform based around interactive video but needs help.
We have a prototype of the platform, but to proceed much further in development we need an awesome Web Designer. One who is both skilled and creative. A designer who understands User Interface design, who enjoys CSS frameworks like YAML and someone who is interested in a challenge.

FotF's prototype - Infobox Nodemap [Multipath storytelling]

Screenshot of the current prototype, showing that there's a lot of room for improvement

The work will likely cover 1 or 2 days a week for a month, with more work likely if we do well and get further funding.





Hours are flexible, with occasional Skype meetings.
Knowledge of Photoshop, HTML and CSS required. An understanding of jQuery is good, but experience with eye tracking or data visualisation is worth double points.

Films on the Fly is still in early stage startup and has limited funds, however AU$500 have been personally allocated to the project.

Please note : This position has now been filled [30th June 2011]

More information is available at http://www.filmsonthefly.com
Up to the challenge? Apply by emailing fun@filmsonthefly.com or calling Michael on +61 433 483 008

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