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Films on the Fly is an emerging company that wants to is promoting interactive and Multipath storytelling and wants to re-define the way you think about film making.

Initially the brain child of Fee Plumley and Derek Munneke, the idea took on a commercial form once Michael Kubler, John Willanski, and Sunny Wu got involved in it through MEGA.

Since Feb 2009 Films on the Fly has created a business plan, done a pitch presentation, refined the concept, run a 90 min presentation about Multi-path storytelling, viral marketing and social networking. In Feb 2010 we ran a film making workshop, creating a new, interactive film making community called Linkr.

Films on the Fly is currently in talks with potential clients and is looking for development funding.

The core directors are also film makers and consist of :

  • Michael Kubler – Project Manager and website programmer.
  • Sunny Wu – Producer and primary film maker.
  • John Willanski – Spokesperson and graphic designer. – Note : John is no longer a director due to time constraints.

More information regarding the Films on the Fly directors can be viewed on the pages to the right.
We would also like to draw attention to the following people who have helped us.

  • Fee Plumley – The original creator of the multipath concept. Originally called Non-Linear Narrative. Through Kino Portable she introduced the concept to Michael and John. Unfortunately she then had to move interstate.
  • Derek Munneke – The Chief Technology Officer of 2morrow mobile, Derek has been a part of the project before its inception. Derek has been a great source of information, mentoring and support.
  • Andrew Plumer – CEO of Ballistic Publishing plus mentor to Films on the Fly, Andrew has been instrumental in keeping the company on track and focused.

If you would like to contact us for more information, please email contact@filmsonthefly.com

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