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Here are some examples of Interactive video being done online. They cover a wide gamut from being a single video to many videos to choose from, to voting at the end of the episode for what should happen in the next episode, through to crowd sourced re-creation of a whole movie in tiny snippets.

Note that whilst these aren’t videos which Films on the Fly has created, some are examples of work that we would like to work on, or are similar to work we have already done.


Street Fighter

Play a game of street fighter, on YouTube! As with most of these style of interactive videos, they are built using YouTube annotations.


Deliver Me To HELL

This is very well produced Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story about trying to deliver pizza after a Zombie outbreak. There’s not many options, but it’s rather well made and given the first film has 3.8 Million views (with one of the last having 500k), it was likely more effective than a similar TV advert. Certainly more fun!


Tippex Hunter

This is one of the more well known interactive videos on YouTube. It starts off by saying “A Hunter Shoots a Bear”, but the word shoots is removed and you can then type a range of different verbs into the special text box. Unfortunately it doesn’t embed, so you’ll have to see it at the link below.



Interactive Cat Keyboard

Wait for the video to load then press the numbers 1 to 9 and it’ll skip to that part of the video and in this case, play that note on the keyboard.

If you want you can try a more normal keyboard


Dress Us

This is more Choose-Your-Own-Adventure like in that at the end of the first video you choose which girl to dress, then after each video you choose which set of clothes they should wear. It’s an interesting enough advert that even some guys would play.


5 Seeds

This is a great example of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure for advertising. It’s basically a big advert for the 5 Seeds brand of apple cider, but is certainly fun, and speaking with experience, I tried the drink because I liked the advert so much.


Star Wars Uncut

Take the film Star Wars Episode IV : A New Hope, slice it into 15s segments then get lots of people to upload their own video. They styles of video cover pretty much everything, live action, hand drawn, stop motion (esp with Lego), illustrations and animations. As many segments have multiple versions there is even some cool tech which means that when you view the film it is selecting the highest rated versions of those segments. This shows the power of crowd sourcing.

This type of video is more to do with seeing if different visual and audio styles can be strung together to still create a coherent storyline. As there are often multiple different versions of the same segment this is like having multiple ‘alternative/remixed’ Multipath related videos. Whilst pretty much all of the other examples on this page are hosted on YouTube, this one is powered by Vimeo and was actually initiated by a staff member of Vimeo. Full movie :


Choose Your Own Tube

In this online sitcom, at the end of the episode the viewers were able to vote for which of the options they wanted the film makers to make next. Unlike Multipath or Choose-Your-Own-Adventure the interactive nature of this series does not continue after the films have been created. Still, it’s pretty cool and a good way to do it on a budget and to get some great interest and interactions from the viewers.


Find Sparta

Sparta is the guys cat. Select which places to search for the little kitteh. Update : Looks like this is somewhat broken in that the 2nd level of choices don’t have the annotations which let you click on the appropriate option, however the actual videos still exist. The author may need to re-add the annotations or provide links in the video descriptions, but unfortunately I can’t get in contact with Cory.


Got any other interactive video examples? Comment below, or contact us! PS : The prototype of the Films on the Fly multipath platform is nearly ready for a limited beta testing round.

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