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Hi everyone,

Just thought we’d touch base and let everyone know that Films on the Fly has been busy working on a few new exciting projects and proposals.

We are writing up a webisode proposal, are putting together some ideas for changing the way the education department thinks about collaborative, interactive video and have a couple of other possible projects that are too early to discuss at the moment.

In the mean time we’ve been doing work on the web platform and have been working on some back end code to help dynamically update the relationship links between videos. Hopefully with a few good days of programming we’ll be ready to do a soft launch of the new Link website.

Just for fun, I’ve posted a little teaser.

New Linkr Website design

For those who were unable to attend the Linkr Screening at the Mercury Cinema, here’s a simple, default example of a tree view.  Note that there’s a number of view configurations the film relationships can be viewed with. Also, we were experimenting with the data and I’ve just realised that we changed the link relationships, so this isn’t an accurate representation of the actual film tree.

Tree View Sneak Peak

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