Why are HDSLRs so distruptive?


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Why are HDSLRs so distruptive?


HDSLRs are the High Definition Single Lens Reflex prosumer digital cameras which were primarily created for still images but have recently added HD video capture capabilities.

I’ve got great respect for the Novacut team and have pledged as much money as I can afford (unfortunately it wasn’t enough for their first fundraising drive so donated later via PayPal), towards their crowdfunding initiative.

Quote :

I’m going to make a bold statement: HDSLR cameras are going to quickly and decisively reshape the entertainment industry, and when the dust settles, artists are going to be at the helm.

The article talks about how within a single generation we went from incredibly expensive cameras (like the Panavision Genesis or Arriflex), to the 1/10th the price RedOne camera and then the Canon 5D MarkII which was 1/10th the cost of the RedOne. Within a digital imaging product generation (i.e 2yrs), the price of HD cameras has dropped to 1/100th the original cost.

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