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Job Advert : PHP Programmer (Adelaide, South Australia)


We are looking for someone who wants to help change the world.
Films on the Fly is developing an online, interactive video platform which will change the way people think about films. It will change the way people make them and how they experience them.
Remember those old choose your own adventure books? Think of that, but as online video and expand the concept even further. We call it Multipath storytelling and it’s engaging.

Films on the Fly is about working for the better. For the a better environment, a better world and the betterment of humanity.

We are currently looking for a part time PHP programmer, someone that has an interest in database design and is familiar with MVC and OO.
Extra points if you’ve already used the Yii framework and a triple point score if you’ve setup a cloud computing app on Amazon EC2 or have an interest in doing so.  Don’t worry if you haven’t. If you are interested in autonomy, mastery and purpose then we want you.

Autonomy : Films on the Fly is a flexible company. We want you to work when is best for you and in the most convenient location. You can work at our office in the Adelaide CBD, or even from home. Although you will need to be available for scrum meetings and easily available online.

Mastery : No matter what your programming proficiency there will always be interesting and rewarding challenges. Together we will learn and grow, allowing us to reach even greater heights and more fascinating problems to solve.

Purpose : Did I mention we are interested in changing the way people think about and view interactive media and will be having fun making the world a better place whilst doing so?

The position is initially for 3-4 days a week, for 17 weeks, but we hope that as you help the platform and company evolve and grow, the position grow and evolve into a full time position.  The job  starts in June (2010).

If you are interested then please email fun@filmsonthefly.com, check out our website or call 0433 483 008. Extra kudos if your a Film maker or artist, Michael, John and Sunny are, and we look forward to hearing from you.

PS : If your a Flash scripter, web designer, data visualisation artist, or film maker then let us know, we’ll be recruiting for such positions in the future.

The Films on the Fly team : Michael, John and Sunny
“Do well with nothing, do better with little, but most of all, do it now” — Kino

The original post is online at : https://www.filmsonthefly.com/wp/2010/05/business/job-advert-php-programmer/

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