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MEGA, the Mobile Enterprise Growth Alliance, is an amazing program that teaches it’s participants some very important information about starting and running a mobile phone application development company. Everything from Marketing and Finance, to Pitch Presentation, writing a business plan, and much more.  The course promotes teamwork, hard work, passion, and is where Films on the Fly started.


Films on the Fly originally started as the concept of Non-Linear Narrative, which itself was initially developed by Fee Plumley. Fee had been working with Derek Munneke to develop the idea further and create something for Kino Portable, a mobile phone/research branch of the Kino film making community.

At the Kino Adelaide Kabaret at the start of the year, Fee ran a small workshop extra which explained the Non-Linear Narrative concept to the Kino Adelaide Film Makers, two of which, John Willanksi and Michael Kubler, later became founding members of Films on the Fly.

As Fee was moving to Sydney, and unable to continue the Kino Portable project, she requested that John Willanski, Michael Kubler and Sunny Wu, continue the develop and spread the idea of Non-Linear Narrative. All three of us are film makers, and we were taking part in MEGA. Throughout the MEGA course, we developed the concept throughout the MEGA program. we developed the NLN film making concept into a business proposal, learnt about the main steps required in creating a successful startup company, and also developed a 31 page business proposal. None of which would have been possible without the help of Derek Munneke, an amazing mobile phone application developer, and the weekly mentoring mettings with Andrew Plumer, the CEO of Ballistic Publishing and the CG Society.

At the end of the course was a Pitch Presentation day, where Films on the Fly, and over 10 other businesses had 5 mins to explain their business concept to a panel of judges and possible investors. The pitch day was a great success, with Films on the Fly making a lot of very useful contacts, as well as coming second in the overall prize, winning a Gold NV phone watch.

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