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Multipath Explanation

  • Do you have an interest in making ‘interactive’ films?
  • Have you ever wanted to revise or expand upon other peoples’ stories?
  • Would you like to learn how the internet can be used to create narratives?

Multipath storytelling is a new concept of interactive films. Similar to those old Choose your own Adventure books, but using online video, Multipath storytelling allows viewers the chance to select how they want the story to turn out whilst film makers can contribute their own sections of a story, whilst the platform track the links between films.

Multipath Explanation Video

If you are interested in further reading, check out our resource materials hand out from a previous presentation, some of which are listed below.

Multipath Storytelling

Do you remember those old choose your own adventure books?
Now think of that concept, but as online video and expanded even further. Multipath storytelling gives film
makers a chance to add, edit and upload videos to further an existing story. Audiences can choose their own
path, and create their own adventure.

  • Seed – It all starts with a seed, the first film that someone uploads as part of a new story. For example, acouple’s first date.
  • Future – After watching the seed film, someone else can upload a film about what happened next, which we call a future film.
  • Past – Someone else might want to explain how they met in the first place so creates a prequel, which they would list as a past film.
  • Tangent – But what if someone wants to change the focus of the story, maybe it turns out the waiter in the background is actually Italian Spiderman, thus turning a supporting actor into the main character and changing the theme? This would be called a tangent film.

Over time, more people add more films to expand the story, such as making a future of a future, a past of the future, a past of a tangent, and so on. We describe this process as a seed film growing into a tree, with each film being a leaf. The viewers get to chose how they want to experience the story and which of the various possible story arcs to follow.

We call their experience ‘adventure paths‘. Think of it like climbing a tree, not everyone will go the same way.

There is much more to Multipath and the Films on the Fly platform. If you are interested in knowing more, please contact us.

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